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2024 Wolfpack Annual Fundraiser
May 16th to May 19th

8th Grade Player

"Wolfpack has been a great way to make friends and grow my athletic ability."

Wolfpack Alum

"Wolfpack prepared me well for girls' high school lacrosse. It's fun to still play with and against my former teammates."

6th Grade Player

"Seattle Wolfpack is a safe place to try a new sport and make new friends."

We hope Wolfpack has had a positive impact on you and your players, both on and off the field. We aim to continue building strong bonds and friendships for our players and families, teaching your players the fastest game on two feet with a dose of life lessons. I humbly ask for your financial support so our club can continue to thrive and deliver on our mission.  Donation Information & Levels Below
Thank you for your financial consideration

Go Wolfpack! 
Ryan Foster – President, Seattle Wolfpack

What your donation can buy:

  • $30 – 50 cones

  • $35 – 1 US lacrosse membership fee for a scholarship player

  • $110 – 1 bucket of balls

  • $70 – 2 hours of field time with lights

  • $110 – 1 complete StringKit lacrosse stick

  • $175 – 1 box of 120 lacrosse balls (each team uses 3 per season)

  • $250 – 1 lacrosse cage and net

  • $275 – 1 youth lacrosse helmet

  • $1,225 – 1 player’s full scholarship and full head-to-toe equipment 

  • $1,600 – 1 season coach stipend

  • $3,225 – K-8 career Wolfpack registration

  • $5,100 – K-8 career scholarship, equipment, swag and coach



You can make a donation to the Seattle Youth Lacrosse Club here through our PayPal Account: DONATE

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail your check to:
Seattle Youth Lacrosse Club c/o Chris Ruettgers, Treasurer 1928 Shenandoah Dr E Seattle, WA 98112

Questions regarding donations, matching gifts, and tax receipts can be directed to SYLC Treasurer Chris Ruettgers,

Thank you for your support of Seattle Youth Lacrosse Club!The Seattle Youth Lacrosse Club is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is a registered non-profit with the State of Washington Secretary of State.

Grow The Game!

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